ACC Investigate Yo Maps Cru Cru


Yo maps is the biggest artist In zambia who can’t fail to buy that car.But ist like there thinking that he is connected to the the previous Govnment .

Chomba Kaoma shares:


To Start with the famous Cru Cru is a Dubai spec, facelift of the Land Cruiser VX 200 series it’s a left hand drive to be specific. It is not even the original 300 serious ZX which is the latest Land Cruiser No.. it’s just an ordinary facelift from 200 series to a 300 series body.

Honestly looking at how expensive Yo Maps is and just how busy this year has been for him, can he fail to buy a car with a market value of less than K1 million? We need to be serious in this country our friends in Zimbabwe are buying Private Jets yet in zambia having a second hand facelift attracts investigations to a person who makes more than K300 000 every Month.

Chansoni sana, all of a sudden it has become a crime to progress and have money in zambia, even jobless and broke youths today have the guts to ask a person who performs locally and internationally to account for how he managed to buy a second hand 4×4. It’s really sad to say the list.. if the biggest Artist in the country can be asked to account for a facelift second hand Car what more an ordinary hustler!!

Where are we going as a Nation?

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