Mwizukanji 4 Children with 3 Father’s Advice to Single Woman


Mwizukanji is most Loved artist in zambia such that she has been winning Most imfluencial of year at Diamond Tv awards back to back.

Mwizukanji has four children ,three girls and One boy.The most important and Special is that ,it was not through prostitution but mwizukanji was married twice before to the last Born.

The two men left her because of an known reason as you know each one will defend to the other .Hence that’s how now she met Elton Mulenga who is known as Yo Maps.They loved each other such that they begotten a baby girl Bukata though they were not officially married but coarbiting.Meaning it was in process for all but suddenly something happened and they separated.

In life,let others dissapoint you and leave you u for your reason but theres.Mwizukanji is now a detamin person ,very stable and she is beautiful now that can get married to any man.

Not only that, Mwizukanji is married to a polish man who is Muzungu and is giving way to her life for has some business in zambia.

Let’s stop dissapointing others and in the end You will Sing So Mone By Yo Maps after going through and live a peaceful life.In conclusion Mwizu has 4 Children with three father and we waiting for kamuzungu now

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