Watch//Remmy Kangwa S€x Video Mwizukanji Confirms


One day I received a WhatsApp msg from Remmy Kangwa whilst I was with him asking for N*des lol funniest thing is I was with him at east park and his phones were in his pocket yet someone was texting me on his line.

Then I realized his WhatsApp was hacked.

I honestly don’t know the motive behind whoever is trying to tarnish his image.

He remains my buddy and as upright as he has always been.

Let’s give the young man his flowers and allow him succeed without trying to drag him down.

To everyone in my inbox trying to ask!! If that’s true or not😵‍💫 I honestly have no idea how his instruments of power look like but I know him as a morally upright brother n friend and that’s enough for me to say wakaele umwaiche
Mwaiche Kosa

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